Looking for Spot Data and a simple question.

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  1. Hi

    where do they make money
    In the last few months I started my research on currency trading as it seem to best traded with trendfollowing technics and this will give me a good diversification.

    So I have a question... Where do forex (spot) dealers makes there money. As we all know that they don't do this based on the love to other peoples ther must be hook on this thing.

    I know CFD is the same storry but there it's clear for me - the spread is to big, you cant make money trading gold on CFD as the spread is 1/4 of the average daily range.
    But forex seems to be fair so far. 3 bips and a good day can make 100 bips range

    Any ideas?

    But I am also interested in historical data

    I do not trade anything that I can't backtest.

    So I started to download C-Futures quotes and backtested on them. Well done but trading strategies on C-Futures do not work on Spot prices for me :(

    Why I know? well Refco charts gives me the opportunity to download a year of historical spot quotes, but only a year and so I am searching for a quote Vendor that has quotes for at least 5 years eod or more then 2 years intraday. Any ideas?

    Thanks for help
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