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Discussion in 'Options' started by Twinsen, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I need a scanner for options which can find all currently "in the money" options (for different stocks) of definite price range, e.g. $3-$5. And to search among liquid options only.

    Is it available?
  2. first start out defining liquidity.. that might be a bit of a trouble in itself..
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    Well I am not sure how to explain, I mean those options which can be bought and sold without problems. I am mostly interested in cheap options than expensive ones like Google, Apple. So I am trying to find those options which are not so expensive and still traded and have a good daily volume and narrow spreads. The less expensive a stock the more option contracts you can buy.
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    LiveVol Pro has a nice option scanner. Cost over $250/month.

  5. your lost talking about value like that.. value is relative.. cheap/expensive is all relative.. aapl's options are sometimes super cheap.. in fact its calls historically have been cheap.. at some reference point in history.... at other historical reference points puts have been cheap.. or you could say it was relatively expensive generally talking straddle/vola pricing given some particular time frame.. most times or almost always pricing is spoken of in a relative sense.. not dollar wise.. a 10 dollar option might have 10 times the value of a .10 cent option respectively..
    i know what your really talking about is position size risk related to otm-ness.. you can't take small position in near the money options in goog or apple unless your right at expiration.. debit spreads, long delta flys or short delta flys as well some what mitigate this problem.
  6. thats expensive for most people with books that are less then 20k
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    OptionVue OpScan
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    Trading options with $20K is NOT a good idea. He asked for a tool that would do what he needs. The best tools cost money.
  9. thanks for sharing.. where do i donate for the advice you give? haha capacity to trade super cedes any particular leverage created by size.
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