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    ...which means looking for some more expensive service than IB, with better customer support while low commissions are still important.
    I don`t need very fast execution, while I don`t daytrade. Mostly stocks and options.
    Any opinions greatly appreciated.
  2. How about

    Their commissions are a little higher than IB, but their support very good. Plus if you trade through QuoteTracker with Noble, we will handle the software support, and you can't get better than that :)

    myTrack is another option you may want to look at. Their
    commission schedule is a little different than the other 2 above. myTrack gives rebates for adding liquidity (depending on the route)

    Jerry Medved
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    Why people need support ?
    And what support. Nobody will tell what and how to trade.
    If the HW is running and trades can be placed nothing else is needed.
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    Easy to say when everything goes smoothly. I don`t know how long is your experience, but through the years I`ve had some exciting situations. Then time of reaching your broker on the phone may be critical.
  6. Here's a couple names to research yourself, as I don't have any experience with them, but they do both claim to offer whatever levels of advisory support that you require.


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    I actually know them. I think Striker is quite good especially for system traders. Thx.
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    What's wrong with IB's support? Their online chat thing always gets responded as far as I've seen.

    I can't say I always get someone that is bubbling with false enthusiasm , but that's hardly worth higher commissions.
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    I have no any bad experience with them but if you check ET`s brokers` page you may find some complains. Obviously, it`s absolutely understandable that you can`t hire army of people answering calls with such low commissions.
    On the other hand such low commissions give many individual traders opportunity to trade strategies previously reserved for big players only, so each service is good as long as it fits your needs.
    I think I`ll try IB anyway, while I want to start with new hedging ideas, and low commissions mean a lot to this concept.
    Thx for sharing your experience with them.
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    Yes. Have had some interesting experience with IB in this regard. one solution: use another service and thus another account in order to have an extra measure of redundancy. It would be nice if you could rely on a single organization ..... unfourtunately this has never been the case for my own operation as well as for my clients operations.
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