Looking for someone to talk to during the day

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  1. rin4et


    I am looking for someone to have a voice chat with during the day from 7-11am Pacific time.
    I am tired of listening to music. I am not keen on listening to the news although that will be my last option. Along with audio books.
    If this is not your cup of tea there is no need to respond. But if this is something you are interested in, feel free to PM me.
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  2. You have to learn to control your boredom and emotions and self, tame it...don't let it get the best of you.
    This is vital for a trader, or day trader. Because when you lose control of self and mind...your trading acct is fucked.

    It takes a disciplined and mature mind to stare or watch a chart during regular business trading hours. without going mad or bored.

    I listen to music, listen to/watch movies, audio books, nature sounds, city touring videos, stretch, eat/snacks, tea, exercise, maybe a sip of whiskey, etc etc

    Walk your dog, or get exercise, to release steam during non trading hours.
    Get plenty of sleep, rest.
    and get laid or masturbate.
    Doing all of this will keep you from getting antsy and restless. Whether you're a trader or not. this applies to people from all walks of life. A healthy mind, body and soul is essential to a collective well being.

    You must understand the concept of volatility and ranges within the market and self. Free Your Mind. and become Limitless, without the use of a pill.
    Take it from me, I know what I'm talking about...because I'm Elite. o_O
    Make Trading Great Again 2018...High-Five`
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  3. We are in the same city. Why not give it a try? Would you be also ok mentoring (little bit) a new trader?
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  4. WonderBoy


    I either have CNBC on all day or stream SIRIUS (Howard Stern) to keep me occupied. I believe that talking to people is more distracting than helpful.
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  5. toc


    Pal, run some "phone errands" i.e. call up and solve items on the list or conduct research on a topic anything from health to computer issues to house repairs etc.
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  6. tommcginnis


    ... but stay in the game.

    If something comes up (that might need your attention within 20 minutes), it does much ill, to have to re-invest 45-minutes-to-an-hour, having to re-tool, re-immerse, and prepare a response.

    Never let *anything* take you out of your game -- including CNBC, so-called "Sweathearts", or whatever. "Call me after Cash Close, honey...."


    (About twice a day, I go out on Litter Patrol -- up and down the block, and around the alley if I'm adventurous. Urban neighborhood, natural litter-bugs, plus prevailing breezes and rain-wash bring my street more than our share. Bending over to pick it up stretches out my (once-upon-a-time) runner hamstrings. Half of the crap goes right into recycling. And once (in 25 years in the same house), I found a $tenner. But I always feel refreshed when I climb the steps from the street: 4 steps, 15' of incline, plus 3 final steps......)
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  7. Jack1960


    Just talk to Siri
  8. vanzandt


    One post?
    With a moniker like that? And a post like that.
    Why do episodes of the "Forensic Files" flash through my head? :D
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  9. Ok Sherlock Holmes, can you tell the other identity of " tradeflower"? I will give you 2 guesses!:sneaky:
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  10. vanzandt


    "Sonja Henie's out. How about Danny Noonan"?
    (quick..which movie)
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