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  1. I live in phoenix, az. I am serious about learning how to trade. Over the past month - month and a half I have worked full time to pursue this passion I have.

    I also have (2) friends who want to get into trading. I would think that having (2) other people to bounce ideas off of, talk about strategies and such would be a great thing, however my friends are so lazy. It feels as if I am dragging them along trying to keep them up to par. Because their work ethic is so low, they never read hence have no material upon which to discuss.

    Like I said, I'm serious about learning how to trade. This is my job. I love this, and want to become great, and I'll do whatever it takes to increase my odds to become successful. I know this may sound gay, but basically this is a personal ad. I'm looking for someone kinda like me, who's really into this, always interested in reading more, and would like someone to talk w/ about ideas and strategies. Having been a foreign language English teacher I can tell you that this process is key to speeding up the learning process.

    I'm 25, male, phoenix. I like to trade futures, or at least that is what I have been reading the most about. Anyone interested in going through this process w/ me, to help me and yourself speed up the learning curve and increase your chances to becoming profitable please private message me. I'd prefer someone who is from the same area as me, but if not that's okay too
  2. Hi Chris,

    I commend you on the job you are trying to do with your trading research.

    After trading myself for a number of years I began a service that educates new traders and makes trading recommendations on the ES & YM emini.
    The goal is to keep them from making all the mistakes I did.

    I would like to invite you, as an observer who may be able to offer
    criticism or praise as the case may be to our trading room. If it meets your standards I would appreciate the good review;

    If you hate it you are free to make that comment as well. We have a group of about 60 serious traders and make money 9 days out of 10 on average.

    Check out the free info all over the site. Send me a private message and I'll get you a log-in.

    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
  3. The paradox is you want to meet someone who like you is starting out to ostensibly help you improve your trading. Yet someone just starting out won't really be able to do that, while someone experienced who could honestly help you would likely get nothing in return, and therefore be difficult to find. The "experienced" who are most eager to help are probably trying to sell something to go with it.

    In other words, welcome to ET. :)
  4. Chris, I've been trading for little over a year now (1.1 years). I dont trade futures, just stocks. However if you have any questions you can PM me. I have a journal ( http://elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=72609&highlight=the+adventures ) that documents about 6 months of trading, and I add to it often. I'm not trying to promote myself or anything, but if you read it, you'll see all kinds of mistakes that I've made that you can learn from.

    I've never traded futures, so I'm probably not the right one to say this, but.... Start out with stocks. Yea, you can make more $$ faster in futures, but lose it just as quickly.

    Good luck

  5. Seriously, this is very poor form on sponsors part. Just when I was starting to think they are ok guys, they pull this desperation stunt.

    pitching on this thread is totally inappropriate.

    Be very wary of these guys,chris, and others like them. there are sharks all over in this business and when they smell new blood--look out!!

    Good luck to you!

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    Forget about other people. The way you make it is to watch the markets 24hrs a day and learn all the correlations. After 12-48 months of this it might click inside your head. Or it might not. IMHO.

    So get 4-6 computer monitors and a good quote service. And fill your screens with as many differnet sectors/stocks, indixes, currencies, commodities as it makes sense for you to watch. Study what your screens look like and how the markets move every day. Trade small if you are losing. And then hope it all clicks for you. This may not seem helpful, but it is honestly the best advice i know to give someone who wants to be a trader. And don't trade off of a chart.
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    what do u mean dont trade off a chart?

  8. This is most excellent advice. Charts can be extremely deceiving.


  9. For some guy with only 12 posts, you got some nerve coming on here swinging your dick around like you know shit. Chris, if you should be careful of anyone, it's this douche bag.

    There are many good people here on ET, you just got to stay here a while to find'em.
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    I'm relatively new to trading and I think 90% of your advise is very good. However I hope you intend to expand on your last comment regarding not to trade off of a chart!
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