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  1. I live in phoenix, az. I am serious about learning how to trade. Over the past month - month and a half I have worked full time to pursue this passion I have.

    I also have (2) friends who want to get into trading. I would think that having (2) other people to bounce ideas off of, talk about strategies and such would be a great thing, however my friends are so lazy. It feels as if I am dragging them along trying to keep them up to par. Because their work ethic is so low, they never read hence have no material upon which to discuss.

    Like I said, I'm serious about learning how to trade. This is my job. I love this, and want to become great, and I'll do whatever it takes to increase my odds to become successful. I know this may sound gay, but basically this is a personal ad. I'm looking for someone kinda like me, who's really into this, always interested in reading more, and would like someone to talk w/ about ideas and strategies. Having been a foreign language English teacher I can tell you that this process is key to speeding up the learning process.

    I'm 25, male, phoenix. I like to trade futures, or at least that is what I have been reading the most about. Anyone interested in going through this process w/ me, to help me and yourself speed up the learning curve and increase your chances to becoming profitable please private message me. I'd prefer someone who is from the same area as me, but if not that's okay too
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    Check out gutsy's journal, you guys might be able to help each other.
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    Are you close to BrokeBack Mountain?
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    Why don't you call on Jack Hershey, he lives in Arizona, Phoenix. Use the search button on the right to look him up, he is around most evenings.

    Good luck