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  1. I live in phoenix, az. I am serious about learning how to trade. Over the past month - month and a half I have worked full time to pursue this passion I have.

    I also have (2) friends who want to get into trading. I would think that having (2) other people to bounce ideas off of, talk about strategies and such would be a great thing, however my friends are so lazy. It feels as if I am dragging them along trying to keep them up to par. Because their work ethic is so low, they never read hence have no material upon which to discuss.

    Like I said, I'm serious about learning how to trade. This is my job. I love this, and want to become great, and I'll do whatever it takes to increase my odds to become successful. I know this may sound gay, but basically this is a personal ad. I'm looking for someone kinda like me, who's really into this, always interested in reading more, and would like someone to talk w/ about ideas and strategies. Having been a foreign language English teacher I can tell you that this process is key to speeding up the learning process.

    I'm 25, male, phoenix. I like to trade futures, or at least that is what I have been reading the most about. Anyone interested in going through this process w/ me, to help me and yourself speed up the learning curve and increase your chances to becoming profitable please private message me. I'd prefer someone who is from the same area as me, but if not that's okay too
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    you are in luck, join The Tucson Investor's Business Daily Meetup Group http://ibd.meetup.com/75/
    yes they are in Tucson but driving for 2 hours is small price to pay for your knowledge, it is not free, 10 bucks for lunch I believe :p
  3. wow that is great, thank you very much for suggesting that
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    prepare to work hard, here is a review sample :D

    "I am hoping to learn from this group, but if it's going to be this technically oriented, then I probably will not come to future events. Also, having a break in the middle would have been good because the lecture was 2 and half hours long."
  5. Congratulations, you are halfway there.

    Also check out Spydertrader's work (on this site).

    Why is it "gay" to want to improve yourself?

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    Mark developed the Cook Cumulative TickSM indicator and gained acclaim by winning the 1992 U.S. Investment Championship with an astounding 563.8% return. He has written numerous articles for industry publications including Futures magazine, Financial Trader and Barrons, and was featured in Forbes magazine (January, 1994) and has been on the cover of Active Trader Magazine. In addition to his trading activities, he conducts workshops and teaches traders from around the globe, helping them learn how to make the most of their natural talents.
  7. mark cook ... I once met him ...

    he was giving a free seminar on short term bond trading

    I lost a few thousand $$$ trying to do what he did

    and gave up ...

    ( nothing against mr cook ... he is a gentleman and probably makes alot of money trading "his style" )

  8. No offense but, you're 25 and still using the word "gay"? My friend, that's a red flag that kinda shows me that you have a lottt to learn in this game.

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    I hope you made the trip to meetup in Tucson.
  10. Yeah, the OP isn't too mature is he?

    Good luck,

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