Looking for somekind of options calculator

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  1. Any suggestion on a good site for a free options calculator?? Basically just plug the numbers and get some answers. Thanks
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    not exactly sure what you're looking for, but you might find it on 888options.com
  3. I found some. Thanks
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    Best I've found is Prime Options Calculator. But it's not free.
  5. CBOE options toolbox for simple strategies or
    the options lab for complicated ones.
  6. try thinkorswim, last time i checked it's free you can just use it without opening an account.
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    here's an excel version i had in archive...can't remember where i picked it up. also have one from man financial but file size too big compressed
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    Not much of a calculator.

    Attached is an example of the Prime Options Calculator that I use. The covered call section will also accommodates up to 10 roll-out and if the unwind is used, automatically calculates from the original Buy-Write or roll-out(s). Handles over 40 option strategies, each with the ability to be saved into a unlimited data base like file that's retrieved and available for later review. Also has a Adjusted options calculator, Quick Naked options margin requirement calculator, and pricing models that allow multiple strikes.

    But as I stated, it's not free. But neither is "Word" and all it does is handle documents.
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