Looking for some local (Chicago) trader(s) to bounce ideas off of

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by saturnine, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. I've been trading since April of '98 and had a lot more like-minded buddies then. Since those good ole days, they have since moved on to other things as so many have.

    I know there are tons of traders around here but I don't know any, and have yet to randomly meet any of them. I'm fairly new to the city; came from the far NW burbs.

    I'm getting sick of friends and family looking at me cock-eyed when I talk about stuff [trading] they have no idea about.

    Anyone in a similar situation interested in sharing ideas or war stories downtown?

    For the record, I trade equities, equity options, and e-mini contracts....
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    Look in the Chicago thread. Lots of people go and hang out drinking on Fridays...

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  4. Thanks guys... I will check these avenues out. Still yet, anyone else interested reading this can feel free to contact me directly as well.
  5. when I was in Chicago, we started a EliteTrader group which met every Friday evening in the Loop. Some of them may go into Ceres at the CBOT from time to time... my friend who traded Equities unfortunately moved out of Chicago, as did I.

    Go hang around the CBOT/CBOE. You'll see a lot of folks.


    EDIT: I think there's a few folks out in the burbs as well who come in.... ya'll know who you are :D