Looking for several traders to assist creation of a trading curriculum.

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  1. Looking for several traders to review a to-be-developed training curriculum aimed at newer traders.

    This focuses on many of the other things like risk, leverage (how much), money management, trading statisticis (Sharpe/Sortino, Profit Factor, Risk of Ruin, others), trade management, positive expectancy, diversification, selecting a broker, how to avoid being scammed, etc. etc. Things like TA, pricing action, fundamentals may be addressed, but only at a high level.

    This is not a "once you are done, you will have an edge" type course. You will not be trading other people's money. This is not a turtles or jellies or "Trading Places" or Prop Firm type experiment.

    Also, prefer newer rather than more experienced traders, as you may already know most of this stuff.

    If you are a student, I would consider working with your school for externship credit, if they don't make it complicated.

    Should plan to devote about 7 weeks (but only a few hours per week). It will not cost you anything, but you will need to assent to not disclose this curriculum (this is a proprietary rather than public domain exercise).

    Also note, this may not start right away - it depends on my time and possible responders.

    The materials will be created as we go. You would go through them, learn, point out gaps, weaknesses, or any other suggestions. Clarity, usability, over/underemphasis, etc.

    As there will be the standard cynical responses (such as myself), what I have said here is what I will repeat. Not hiding my identity and not planning to debate. This is an educational section, and I have been thinking about doing this for a while. Most "training" I have seen is way too simplistic, 900 pages long, $6,000 or similar. And generally, it does not really help a newbie much. Even traders with an edge manage to blow up for a variety of reasons. I am trying to cover some of "the other stuff" besides an edge.
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    interesting ..... how do i sign up?
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    TZ, how about posting your own audited track record? In order to teach others you should have some credentials, no? What are yours?
  4. If he's doing it for free...I'm sure he'll say he doesn't need an audited trading record although he often (a thousand times plus) have requested others to ignore those without an audited trading record. :cool:

    However, if he plans on charging a fee of any sorts...he should NOT BE ALLOWED to promote whatever it is he plans on doing unless he's a sponsor or has an agreement already secured from ET managment that he can advertise his services here at ET.

    Note: He did say he won't charge a fee.

    Simply, send Baron an email or pm to find out if the latter is the case. If they say he doesn't have permission...request that his membership be deleted or banned just like he has done so often about others.

    My guess (a good one) is that he needs traders to validate his proprietary 250k trading system and allowing free access to it under the facade of an internship is very clever....actually brilliant because it will definitely open other doors of opportunties that he could gain financial compensation.

    By the way, he has tried a few times in the past to sell his proprietary 250k trading system here ET without ET management consent and his threads were deleted by ET management but he wasn't banned (I have a copy of all of it). Soon afterwards he has been going after other spammers because he doesn't think it's fair that others can spam when he wasn't allowed to do such.

    Heck, with all of his threads in the feedback section concerning capturing and then executing spammers...

    ET managment may allow this thread to remain as a reward for his excellent work in keeping the spammers under control.

    Last of all, I find the following statement by him ironic and another big contradiction concerning this guy...

    In some of his prior debates with me about trade methods and my strong opinion that profitable traders have a complete trading plan that contains many pieces to the puzzle in which a trade signal strategy is just one piece of the puzzle. Stuff like market experience, money management, discipline, proper broker platform, proper trade environment et cetera.

    He essentially said it was nonsense, voodo or not true in his arguments with me.

    Doesn't anybody find it weird that he aggressively goes after the competition (other spammers) and then after he has eliminated his potential competition or put the fear of god into them...he casually starts this thread. :confused:

    P.S. Traderzones can't read my message because he put me on ignore after I informed him it was me that filed a complained about his 250k spam threads and about his fee-base website links in his journal when he was known as rcanfiel.

    Yeah, he also complains about users having multiple aliases and he's on record a thousand times in stating TA is not useful. :p

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    Every grade (including kindergarten) has curriculum requirements set by the states and local school boards. New curriculum likewise needs to be approved before getting any credits.

    The "teacher" needs to be credentialed too, and/or needs proven academic background.

    Somehow I doubt that a bunch of newbies can put together an accredited curriculum :)
  6. He has me on ignore too, when he is challenged and cannot get out of the situation without looking foolish, he puts you on ignore :)

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    Proprietary as in "Mine to sell at a later date"?
  8. Hey guys, looks like the gang's all here! :p :D

    In addition to Mark's (allways cogent and on-topic) writing where he exposes TraderZone's ploy (LOL, yes, ploy) to sell his trading system on ET for $250,000 (LOL, yes, $250,000) trading system it seems that he really needs his money, really badly.

    The last time I saw him, TraderZones was having a crybaby fit over getting back his $5,000 from Velocity Futures. Link

    So this pretty much tells folks everything they need to know about TraderZones ... right? :confused: :D :p
  9. Proprietary, as in: Etymology: Middle English propietarie, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin propietarius, from Late Latin, adjective Date: 15th century 1 : one that possesses, owns, or holds exclusive right to something...

    Since it will be my ideas based on 20 years of equities/futures trading, and I would do 90% of the work, and basically seeking editing/usability/completeness feedback, I do not want to see it on Ebay for $5.00. A few newer traders might get benefit of learning some things, but would have to sign a NDA.

    It is highly unlikely a new trader would add much useful to "sell at a later date." And it was clear that this is who it was aimed at. And if it is my content, I can do what I like with it. Did you see a "for sale" sign or URL anywhere?

    Do you have a point, or just using a few aliases to try and make brownie points? So far, you look like a blind chicken scratching for worms.

    (I will not be further responding to this or your other aliases. Interested individuals may PM).

  10. LoL :D

    Wait...that WAS a joke right :confused:
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