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  1. I scalp ETF's for a living. Recently left my prop firm to trade independently. I miss having a live chat room to chat with other traders about calls, entries, exits, picks, current market direction, TA, watch lists, current events, etc.

    Not looking to form a group for the purpose of me spitting out calls all day (I am NOT always right) but I will share my entries/exits & winners and losers and would like to see what others are trading as well.

    No bashers, no winers, no obscenities. Let's keep it clean (G-rated), professional and purposeful.

    If interested , private message me.
  2. honestly...your best bet, if you want a truley "quality" group rather than just wannabes is to wait. Talk with guys you meet etc, maybe some of your old prop buddies, etc, and after a while you'll start to develop a close knit group of trading "friends". You may not all have the same methods, you may not all have the same style, but after a time you'll know if you are dealing with real traders or just blog hoppers.

    Thats what I did, actually had a blog up for a about a year, met some "regulars" who actually made quality contributions, and eventually (as of March 6th) created a private blog/chat system for me and the ones who actually contributed rather than just stole ideas. Small group, 8 guys total, and we all trade futures, although everyone seems to trade something different with a different style (spreaders, outright guys, intra-day, swing traders, even one stat guy!) Everyone brings something to the group, and we all benefit, and I like to think that we've all become quite good friends as well. But you won't get these "connections" posting on a site such as this, you'll only get them over time.
  3. Agreed 100%
  4. TraderTX, Landis82 -
    Excellent point ! and I agree.
  5. whats an "outright guy"??:confused:
  6. half of our group is spread traders...trading mean reversion or hedged direction on intra and inter commodity spreads. the other half just trades outrights...directional biased trades on a single instrument.
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    gr8 offer .... looking forward to chat with u and learn something from u !!
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    Hey been thinking of setting up a chat room.. one of those freebee places.. paltalk etc.

    Tired of the Guru pay me $300 per mth to listen to my calls!!!
    Crap!!! Im telling you not many people actually make $$ daytrading. I challenged many Gurus.. and they could never cough up a statement. I have no problem showing my trades for the day.

    If you want me to host a place.. cool or what ever.. I dont want to moderate or entertain... just pit ideas.. some entries.. call it a day...

    btw this is my 1st post