Looking for Santa Cruz/Monterey county traders

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by jester, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. jester

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    ...just to meet maybe once a month to start a local trading club/group, I know their is a Tradestation Users Group in San Jose but I would really like to meet people in the Monterey Bay area, maybe Los Gatos or Cupertino would be nice too.

    Anybody out their? PM me and let;s me at the Java House in Santa Cruz sometime!:)

  2. jester

    jester Guest

    ...all that money in Pebble Beach, Carmel and even Santa Cruz, their has to be at least ONE trader out their???? Hello let's get a local trading group going...

    Pm me if your interested.....

  3. Monsoon


    ill move there if its better than missouri weather
  4. nitro


    I think mktwiz is in SC.

  5. sammybea


    Hey i make it out once a year (basically my only vacation) Love that whole area but can't yet afford a house :( If you do get a schedule going, i would love to come when i am on vacation.
  6. jester

    jester Guest

    Sammy - Ok I'll let you know IF I can ever find one more SC/Monterey trader - LOL

    Nitro - Thank you "Mrktwiz" trades at GTT with me, he is focused on setting up the new Prop. Futures group and doesn't have time for anymore "outside" activities beyong the biz and family responsibilities, he's also a close neighbor and will drop in from time to time if I can ever get a local trading club/meeting, poker game WHATEVER formed , I doesn't look good so far.....but thank you..hey do you ever visit Monterey from your home in Chicago?

  7. nitro


    I visited Montery back in like 93-94 for a software developer conference. It is absolutely beautiful out there.

    If I am in town, I will give you guys a heads up in your chatroom and maybe we can have some brews.

  8. links

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    Hey Jester, maybe you can just play host to us vacationing traders. We also try to make to that area once a year, last year we spent a week in Pacific Grove. If it tells you anything, my mouse pad has a picture of Pebble Beach and I keep a post card of Big Sur on my desk. I hope the surf and sand and the beautiful weather helps your trading...
  9. MMMmmmmm,

    The Java House in Santa Cruz has the BEST Ethiopian Blend coffee in the WORLD!!

    UC-Santa Cruz Class of 1995
  10. I just got my 2 front teeth capped form the money I took for the 2 golfers at Pebble. What a nice area........Also got a tattoo right next door....... Than had a $200 plate dinner. I have come a long way from Oakland.
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