Looking for router preferences for cable and DSL

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tango29, Apr 1, 2014.

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    I saw the thread from last year, but wondering if anyone has any current recommendations to handle a cable feed and dsl for backup feed? Another thing I should have done awhile ago. I'm going to throw the kids gaming and wireless on the DSL and use it as a backup for the inevitable cable outage.
    Also any thoughts I would want to know when setting it up?
  2. Did you mean having a single device that can take signals from a coaxial cable (cable modem) AND signals from DSL twisted pair?

    I don't think I have seen a device which can function both as a cable modem and a DSL modem.

    But you can easily enough to add a NIC card on your PC (usually these days a desktop comes with 1 built-in network connection, typically Gigabit Ethernet now). Connect one RJ45 outlet to the cable modem, and the other one to the DSL modem.
  3. Nichevo


    Actually you can kinda sorta do that.

    First you need a modem for the cable;
    Second you need a modem for the dsl;
    Third you need to buy something similar to: NETGEAR ProSafe FVS336Gv2 Router - 4-port switch (or some other Dual Wan Router) [Connect the 2 modems into the Dual Wan Router, configure it, and your happy]

    I use cable and a T1 line, works great, on failure of my cable (that once ever 3-4 week thing) I have the slower T1 pick up, and my computer doesn't even notice that the cable went out. Automatic rollover is a wonderful thing.

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    Great, I'll take a look at this option. I thought there were different ways to make it work.
    Thank you
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    Thank you Winston. I'm adding up a fair bill here with upgrades to the trading environment. This plus DSL, and a couple UPS to replace a 6 year old one that failed on my last outage.
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    How about something like ASUS models like ASUS RT-NCxx like 68u n18u, 56u or something like that, they can handle even up to 1GB of traffic anyway so you will be safe no matter what really. Please let me know how is it going here.
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    I've never heard of this before. Thanks for the tip.