Looking for remote prop firm in freestyle stock trading

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  1. I am curious if there are any prop trading firms that is willing to fund traders remotely in freestyle day/swing trading with a 30% (me) to 70%(firm) profit sharing agreement (half the profit to be withdrawn and shared from account everytime account balance increases by 50%).
    .i.e. only compound half the profits.

    This is my practice performance so far.
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    And 30x70 split of losses too?

    Anyway only prop firms I've ever heard of required prior performance numbers or minimum probationary time test passing.
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    Check out FTMO.
    They give you much better payout: 70% to you, 30% to them.

    But they have only a few stocks to trade.
    They have forex, indices and commodities.
    You need to pass their tests and pay a few hundred fee.
  4. Loss sharing is nonsense. Time test of at least 3 months is correct because no one knows track record is accurate.
    I.e. one can have many small real trading accounts and show only the most profitable one.

    Never mind, I will just continue day "dreaming" in my demo account. Just made another 95k in an hour.
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    Sorry didn't make it obvious, I was being sarcastic.
  6. Took me 7 months just to achieve this %return. Apparently it gets increasingly harder to improve 2021_05_28_23_14_47_216~2.jpg equity balance when account gets bigger.
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  8. What are you currently trading? Just equities or also commodities & options?
  9. Webull demo account only allows stocks and ETFs to be traded on pure cash, no margin leverage and no derivatives (option/futures/forex/crypto) but you can watch the quotes. 2021_06_03_13_24_57_798~2.jpg