Looking for reliable, unfiltered real-time data feed provider w/ API

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    Offering T&S, DOM, most importantly supporting CME-traded futures contracts. To be used in conjunction with proprietary C++ trading software on a linux box, so no windows installs.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I like TT (Trading Technologies)
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    Thank you. Perhaps I'm not looking well, but TT provides little documentation on how to connect directly to their gateways instead of via their Windows API.
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  5. Davdse


    This is really disappointing.

    eSignal, DTN, CQG, TT, none of the retail data vendors contacted offer anything I need. At this (developmental) stage I just don't need a direct exchange feed or an institutional(ly priced) solution.

    Running a Windows box just to handle feeds (and communicate with brokers - the number of retail brokers offering linux-friendly solutions is plain disappointing too) kind of defeats the whole point of running a linux box.

    Any other suggestions?
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    FIX may get you there. Quickfix.
    To avoid windows you need an \\\"API\\\" that is socket (tcp/ip) based, not windows dll based.

    Time, money and ingenutiy can solve any problem.
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    Yes, but please show me what data providers and/or retail brokers offer a true socket connection, that is not in fact handled by their windows based API.

    TT talk of FIX support, which in fact boils down to a (Windows-based) adapter.
  8. ACTIV Financial
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    ... is geared towards institutions.
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