Looking for reliable prop to trade stocks. Will put up to 10k risk capital.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by fxriesgos, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. fxriesgos


    Hi guys, can anyone refer me to a reputable prop firm that can take my business??.

    I currently trade with $7 comission and its eating out most my profit.

    I have tried to contact a few prop firms but no one will even reply via e-mail.

    Like i said i can put up to 10k risk capital to start trading, i do have few years experience, but am outside the us and have no series 7, though i am willing to if necessary.

    All i need is a good comm rate and software like say DAS or so.

    Thanks Guys
  2. fxriesgos


    Already had contacts from a couple of Canadian prop and am looking into it, also Jc trading contacted me I think they're US. Still any suggestions will help.
  3. georgek


    Canadian firms are not regulated buy U.S.
  4. jacson101


    Hey I just noticed this thread.
    I work with a prop group in Concord, Ontario.
    Fairly large over 700 traders worldwide, and nice dig's in concord ontario.

    Keep in mind that I already work with these guys so, In all honesty- I'm a bit bias.

    But I think their offering no fee's( nothing!) and 50/50 split with a capital contribution, and flexible leverage/ BP.

  5. georgek


    Hi Jacson101, can you tell us what's that company's name?
  6. jacson101


    sure globus trading and globus trading solutions( the latter is a tech. and quant related company for guys/gals looking to automate)
  7. georgek


    I heard about that company before. Canadian firms are not stable. Even Hold Brothers, I heard they were lagging their payments.
  8. jacson101


    What others' situation is, is not of any concern to me, and sorry.

    I've been treated very well and fairly with these guys, and from what I've heard these guys are actually based in the US with offices worldwide.
    I do know them personally and have nothing but respect for the guys running globus.-Good people.

    Canadian props are unstable,ok?
    Sorry, no late payouts to write about personally.

    Just my 2c, but again I'm biased.