Looking for reliable charting software to trade e-mini s&p500

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  1. Hi fellow traders,

    After trading ETFs for a while, I am looking to make the transition to e-mini futures. I have been trading in prop firms until now that don't allow you to trade futures so it's kind of new territory for me as far as where to find the right charting software.

    Everybody has been suggesting to use esignal to get the best charts but I was wondering if there are other reliable options out there.
    I am a daytrader and only interested to trade e-mini s&p500 at this point so accuracy and speed of the charts should be a most.

    Feel free to share your two cents about this subject. Details such as pricing, pros vs cons, etc.. would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I use TradeStation. Works well most of the time, but their data sucks during extreme volume events; like an important economic # release or some breaking news.

    I'm curious to hear from eSignal users. I used to have eSignal a looong time ago.
  3. yeah I look into it but it doesn't seem like the best option for daytrading...but thanks anyway.
  4. Ensign software is one of the best for ES trading. They even have a separate site(Dacharts) where users can compare each other's charts/templates.

    Not easy to learn but once you do, you'll see why it gets some of the best reviews on this site for charting software.


  5. How can someone tell you what would be a good option when you don't say what you need.

    eSignal is pretty basic. If basic (they call it advanced) charting is all you need then you have loads of options. Real advanced charting still has many offerings.

    Do you need a datafeed or do you have one like IB?

    If you are more specific you'll get more helpful replies.

    eSig did have data lags. I have not used them for a while so I can't confirm if that is still the case but at news releases it was terrible.
  6. I myself use Sierra Charts ($25/month) with a free feed from my broker (Infinity).
    the feed is fast and so is sierra. it works great. they also have all the usual tech analysis.
    you can write your own c++ extensions too.
    the only issue i have is with backtesting. it's inaccurate. if you run the backtest at higher speeds, you get different results.
  7. I personally use Ninja - Zen thru Mirus. Awesome combo.

    Ive heard about the problems with Esignal data lagging or freezing all together.
  8. I must say...I have heard many good things about Sierra Charts. What things in particular do you like about it?, if I may ask
  9. In comparision to Ninja, it's really fast and light (ninja is a memory/processor hog).
    It's charts are not as pretty as ninja's but it's got all the standard tech analysis.
    Like ninja, you can write your own C++ indicators and automated trading code.
    also, sierra support is actually quite responsive. (have'nt really interacted with the ninja support so can't say abt them)
    But ninja's backtesting is dead accurate. (though it really runs sluggish for me). sierra gives different results if you rerun the same test.
    sierra can only connect to a few brokers: Transact (Infinity), IB, ameritrade, open ecry, if i remember right
  10. Thanks all for your input so far..keep it coming :p...Xspurt, you are right, sorry. At this point I would need data feed too but if someone has a broker, like IB, that provides a good combo then I would be open to that idea too as long as their charting software is solid enough.

    The strategy is use is quite basic & simple and for what I saw, esignal has pretty much all I need so something comparable would work for me.

    Hope that additional info helps.

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