Looking for recommendation on Q's Simulator Trading Platform?

Discussion in 'Options' started by blazesurvey, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    New to Q's and recently started to review the Darlene Nelson Q's DVD Set . I've done a search and there's been already alot of posts on the Pivot Points discussed on the DVD's.

    What I'am requesting before forking over my $$$ to a broker would like to simulate trade the Q's.

    Requesting recommendations for a simulator/Charting Platform that has the Q's?

    BTW, has anyone tried the virtual simulator over at optionsxpress.com

    Thank you,
  2. leonnis


    yes i was with OptionsXpress for two years. their vertial is better than nothing but i am with Thinkorswim now. much better analyze and charting program. can nego commision.
  3. Thank's, leonnis

    Will take a look. Anyone else with recommendations?

    BTW, can I trade the Q's [options] over at interactivebrokers.com [What's a good/excellent charting/trading Platform with IB?]
  4. Another recommendation for TOS here. Excellent customer service, and #1 for options. Can't say much for trading equities through them as I have only done it a handful of times.

    You can basically trade anything under the sun with IB, however you will not get any handholding with them.
  5. Hi, thegazelle

    Thank's for the reply. Actually never heard of Thinkorswim [broker] Does anyone know when they started there online brokeage?

    From your commments, I'am assuming they provide additional help/support for new/existing customers?
  6. Blaze,

    I forget when they started but they are several years old at least. They provide customers with help, whether you are new or not. They take the time to discuss complicated trades over the phone, and they don't charge anything for phone orders.

    I've been to the offices once, they are real indeed.

    Are you looking to trade options on the Q's or the Qs themselves? Either way, you can try out the TOS platform for free, and papertrade with live quotes.
  7. Hi, thegazelle

    Thank's for the reply. appreciate it.

    Would like to trade options on the Q's . Lower margin required. Will look into it and see what are the requirements to open an account.

    Thank's for the help. Anyway else have comments or recommendations?