Looking for quotes via a 1-800 phone no.

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  1. Anyone know a service that gives futures quotes over the phone? One I can can use, and not have to open an account with a particular firm like Lind Waldlock.

    Several years ago, I had an account with Jack Carl futures that provided quotes over the phone. Now Im happy with my broker, but there are times when I want to know what a market is or has traded at and am not around a computer, and only have a telephone . . .

    Any help is much appreciated.
  2. are you willing to pay?
  3. Yes I would pay
  4. Just basic e-mini futures or commodities?

    Now, of course I would never do this, but I suppose you could just get an 1-800 number off a broker/dealer website and call them. Yes, some will ask you for your account #, but many will not.
    I know a guy who would call the local wirehouse branch from his cellphone to get stock quotes. Was never a problem. At least thats what he told me.:p

    This might be more difficult is you r looking for commodity prices.
  5. basic e-mini and other commodities (oil, grains, metals) as well
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    I have been looking for the same for some time now. Thanks for all the links.

    www.datatg.com is very nice.

    Of course, if you have Tradestation, you could just keep it on all day and have it send you alerts as the day progresses.
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    OK, here an update. I have been using datatg.com (Disclaimer, I am not affiliated with them, I just really got to like that service).
    Once it is setup on the cellphone, I don't even have to login anymore. Just connect via the cellphone, in my favorites folder are the few symbols I am interested in with a quote right next to time. Just one quick glance. If I click on it, I will get the open, high, low, and time of last quote.