Looking for Prop Shop in Chicago for Inexperienced

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by qutgnt, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. qutgnt


    I am 31 and after four years of working sales for myself from home I want to get back into trading. I want to find a prop shop in Chicago that is reputable, has good training, and preferably is either 0 up or 5k upfront. Any recommendations? I have clerking experience for a well known firm in Chicago but sitting on a stool in the oex working one lots or having to deal with spx traders made me bail. Looking to learn some profitable strategies and learn from the best. Any recommendations. I just stumbled across this site and it is top notch!
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    yeah. dont look on this site.

    seriously though there are tons of prop shops that will take you and some capital. there is an echotrade office right down town.
  3. Check out Tuco, newer office just opened.
  4. qutgnt


    Anyone have information on this branch or company?

    ReyesCohen-A Branch of Hold Brothers, LLC.
  5. I know the two guys running the branch. They are top notch. I am a trader for hold brothers and the platform and company in my opinion can't be beat.