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  1. I need a little help looking for any prop shops in Chicago hiring any traders with about a years worth of electronic trading experience. I have a Computer Science degree and learned the business clerking on the 3/4 months of the Eurodollars for about three years. Im stuck in a shop trading the owners account overnights. Im ready to start keeping some of my profits.

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    Do you know if Fusionary Trading backs traders, or does the firm just help train individuals?
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    Sorry, I don't know. Rottman is pretty well known, though. Call and see. It won't hurt.
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  7. Since you have a CS degree and did Eurodollars, why don't you try Gator and Geneva? Your background should an ideal fit for either of them.

    Gator partners are Jack Newhouse and Keith Burchett are the partners. You should have heard of either Jack and Keith, as they are huge ED locals. If you need info / intro for Gator, let me know. But your old contacts at Merc could be better.

    Geneva is at:

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    I sent you a message.
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    Allston was mentioned in this thread, but I was looking for more information.

    Does anyone here trade there, or have traded there?