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    Hi fellow traders
    I am currently looking for a remote prop firm with sterlingtrader software and low fees. After some research I found few companies and looking for a feedback:


    anyone has recent experience with above? Or could recommend better options?

    I am experienced day trader, daily volume 50-100K shares, fee sensitive strategy

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    I also found that. Don't have access to the paid part of the article, and could not find it anywhere else. However, Simon = WTS which was also banned for layering. So I am not sure who stole which from whom in this case.

    any other companies suggestions?
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    I dont know, but everthing is possible. My point is they dont pay to those big names that have money to sue them. Small traders are helpless as they don't have money to go into letigation. So better stay safe and away from zimtra.ky and find another firm with clean reputation.
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    do you trade currently? can you recommend your firm?
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    You can check that one:
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  7. hy guys i am from italy: can someone suggest a prop firm for european citizens?
  8. Topstep Trader
  9. arna


    I've been cooperating with Zimtra for last 9-10 years with my group of traders. I suggest digging better and find what is behind that. Zimtra is reputable firm in this case. Never have any issue with them.
    I also have a lot of traders that switch from WTS because of not being paid for many many months (and they are still fighting for their money).

    Let me know if you have questions - I've been managing remotedaytradergroup.com
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    Is that reply for sure directed to me ?
    I'm not that one who asked.

    btw: there was another guy from Ukraine (from other prop) who was looking for remote opportunity here on ET. He should already contact you. (you can find the thread in my last posts).

    No i pozdrawiam
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