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  1. Ok, I need a new home. My previous prop firm decided to close shop. Anyone that knows of a firm that can match/beat or come close to the offer my previous shop had, please contact me via PM. Thanks.

    Laser Platform
    No monthly fees
    No platform fee
    $3000 minimum funding
    No license required
    $.8/100 shares
    10 to 1 intraday, 2 to 1 overnight
    No minimum trades required
    100% payout

    Thanks in advance.
  2. hmmm...

    no offers yet. what's going on? no one can match this? or come anywhere close? :confused:
  3. 8/10 is a hijacking. your pm box must be full of offers by people too embarassed to post them publicly. either that or noone believes you'd pay that much.
  4. i know 8/10 is a bit high in today's mkt. but since i'm not a high volume trader, it didnt affect my bottom line too much.

    surprisingly, no one has sent me any PM yet w/ offers. :confused:
  5. there are better deals than that out there.
  6. which firm / city was that?
  7. limitdown - it was a firm in Cali.

    ok, seriously, I have only received couple offers. This is the best ET folks can do? C'mon, SPAM me w/ offers! :p
  8. it would appear your 3000.00 down is what is making you seem like a joke... get a second job, take this serious. you sound like you have no idea what your doing, its not worth the paper work to sign you up as you bust your baby account in a week! GET AT LEAST $5000.00 (Which is still Small) and your voice may start to get heard.

  9. Shortseller,

    Thanks for your concern. Maybe I didn't make it clear enough but I stated that's what my previous firm offered. It was not my own requirement. As for my trading/investing experience, I started back in mid 90's. I like to think I know what I'm doing. I'm always learning though.

    I did receive many offers and I chose to go with a firm in NYC. Thanks everyone else that PM'd me w/ legitimate leads. You guys are great.

    p.s. If you mean no disrespect, write in such way that it offends no one. Dont insult someone first and then write a disclaimer so you won't get your ass kicked.
  10. Ignorance like this "so you won't get your ass kicked." is why you will not be trading for me or my firm. Very professional demeanor. Sad to say Trading is a business, and too many are incapable of taking it and conducting themselves in like manner. You asked for help, AS if it was ET's default your not being taken serious! sad to say the DEFECT was your own.
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