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  1. Must:

    1. Work with non-US resident (thus home-based trading)
    2. Have options trading for SPY, GLD, USO
    3. Safe deposit ( my money) must not exceed $10K
    4. I don't have to finish any learning courses.
    5. x5-x10 leverage on my PnL(equity) (also overnight)

    Ideal situation:

    I deposit $10K. My PnL becomes $10K. My margin limit becomes $100K ( I can do whatever I want until I cross $100K in margin requirements).

    Trading cases:

    A) margin use = $50K, PnL = $15K. Result = nothing happens.
    B) margin use = $150K, PnL = $15K. Result = nothing happens.
    C) margin use = $200K, PnL = $15K. Result = warning email from risk management department
    D) margin use = $10K, PnL = $1K. Result = good bye email from prop trading company.

    Revenue share cases:

    A) PnL is <$50K. Rev. share = 50%
    B) PnL is >$200K. Rev. share = 70%
    C) PnL is >$1M. Rev. share = 90%

    Withdraw cases:

    A) PnL is $50K. Rev. share = 50%. I want to withdraw $10K. Resulting PnL = $30K

    PS. Can somebody comment on Revenue share grid? what is industry standard?
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    There are very few Prop Firms that allow overnight positions. There are very few prop firms that allow options trading. The firms that allow Option trading and over nights tend to want a larger deport than $10K. Most are $100K+.

    Good luck, going to be hard to find what you want.