Looking For prop firm that trades Us Equities or broker with US shares CFD

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by DoctorProfits, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. I have developed and backtested a strategy that makes me profitable, however I require atleast 1:20 leverage. I am looking for a prop firm (remote) or CFD broker that can offer this with competitive fees and can accept non US citizens. The trading platform does not really matter once it offers an API for me to make my bots.
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    1:500 leverage.
    0.2 pip spread .
  4. This is a Forex Broker, A member introduced me to alarictrader. Their commissions are cheap, with no profit splits and over 1:20 leverage. I'm checking them out.
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    1:15? OVERNIGHT?
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    6* overnight
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    Hi DoctorProfits,
    hope you're having a great day

    looking at your requirements, all of those could be ticked off with

    Funding Talent offers leverage of 1:100, tight spreads and very low commissions
    also, proving you the freedom of using your own tested EA/bots.

    You can visit www.fundingtalent.com or email us at support@fundingtalent.com
    we're more than happy to help you :)
  8. This is also forex and not equities
  9. There are numerous out there depending on where you are based and your expectation. In Canada most will give you remote access with 20x or higher leverage and sort of 80-20 split. Your only constraint might be API access as the ones I have come across only offer discretionary trading
  10. What platform do they use ?