Looking for Prop Firm offering Free Options Trading Training in NY

Discussion in 'Options' started by ThinkLogical, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone help me to find Prop Firm in NY where i can have free training in options trading and after that possibility to open account there. I am currently trading equities as an arbitrage trader (i have consistent profit each mont) but I would like to expand by learning options. However, every company i contact starts with how much money they want me to invest for training which seems little unprofessional to me.

    Thanks to anyone that can help!
  2. Why would anyone waste their own time (and so money) in providing you the service of teaching you how to trade?? :confused: lol

    If you find anyone foolish enough to do that they must be a total fool and idiot,
    and therefore why would you want to learn anything that they believe to be correct anyways?? :cool: :p
  3. I do not say that I just want free training and then disappear. I am ready to open account and trade with them after that.

    The thing is that if a company really provide really good training and its strategies are profitable, they will be interested in developing talented traders instead of earn from training.

    Hope you get my point, spanish89. If you cant help me with useful information, please do not reply.
  4. Mate i may not be telling you what you would like to hear, but im telling the the real hardcore truth and facts of reality... :)

    You need to stop thinking about this from YOUR side, and start looking at it from their side,
    as at the end of the day your view is totally worthless and theirs is the only thing that matters.

    They are not experts, if they were they would all be billionaires.
    But there is no ''magic'' stratergy in trading.

    They merely scrape by each month making a mere few % profit return, yet are able to keep going due to the amount of capital they have. :cool:

    And so they have no interest whatsoever in ''training'' anyone, as they dont have the magic teaching book to start with! lol

    The ONLY thing they will even consider is people who have spent 3-4years trading their own money and being sucessful and profitable every single month of those years,
    to then come and join their firm and use their capital.

    And as there are thousand and thousands of other guys all in that position applying for that 1 job with them why logically would they reject all those guys and instead just train up a newbie??

    You want to join an options prop firm you 1stly have to get your own proven track-record and then apply,
    no other route in sorry mate.
  5. sle


    This business is very much about ownership of intellectual property, so any smart ideas or methods almost always stay with the person that comes up with them. Even outside prop firms, it's hard to find people who are willing to teach anything. The only time you would get any "free" instruction is if you are being used for slave labor and getting some useful tidbits along with your spankings.