Looking for prop firm in the South Bronx

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by riddler, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. riddler


    looking for a reputable prop firm in the south bronx. anyone know of any ?
    i know LeRoy Washington has an office in Harlem and was thinking of opening an office in the bronx. hopefully he will.
  2. Were you born an asshole? Or are the decades of trading losses eating away at your rational thinking?
  3. riddler


    yes, trading losses have taken a toll and thats where i believe LeRoy Washington can help with my skills.
  4. People will take you more seriously if you refer to it as "North Manhattan" instead. :cool:
  5. :D

    seriously that was funny.:cool:

    I was going to suggest the op hook up with Jimmy Carter.
  6. 1) That does it. My real estate development plan for that "area" will be implemented. :eek:
    2) This aint gonna be rehabbing 3-bedroom homes with unskilled volunteers. :cool:
  7. nyhood... lol