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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ES Master, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. I just moved to Chicago and I am looking for a GOOD prop firm. I am very experienced in Equities so I wouldn't mind starting there, however I really moved to Chicago to perfect futures trading. Visited the CBOT this morning and went and talked to futurespath/photontrader next door this afternoon. Jeff Quinto wasn't in, however I talked to Damon, his partne(great guy and told me about an order he filled for Tudor Jones when he was on the floor, it was good stuff).

    Lightening fast platform(even faster than most FCM's attached to TT's servers(photon uses TT as a back end, however they have better servers than TT themselves), less than 2/10's of a second fills. I do believe they require your own capitol contribution, something I can not provide at the current time, I will talk to Jeff Quinto tomorrow.

    If they have no one who will stake me, what I would like is a firm that will give me good leverage(I would prefer someone who would let me trade options, if it is an equity firm, instead of straight buying/shorting of stocks) and a decent payout with no(or virtually no) holdbacks on earned capitol. If you can refer several prop firms to me, it will be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I know Maverick and Optionscoach belong and/of run prop firms, so come one guys, give me some leads so I can make someone and myself some serious money/!

    I know there is alot of shops that are a complete joke, therefore the need to post here at Elitetrader, any leads will be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. look at true prop firms on page 2 i bumped it for you
  3. Thanks InvertedCurve I was actually looking for that very list. Good trading to you! Went to the CBOT for first time today and it was great! Wasn't a bad tick friday on Wheat and it got hammered! If anyone got out Friday, good move. Will find support and go again. Quite a ways untill next harvest. Any way, best of Luck to all Good traders here at Elitetrader and here is to a profitable 2008!:)
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    Just giving you a heads up. 2/10's of a second is nothing to write home about. 200 ms for a fill is completely unexceptable, unless you're talking Eurex. For CME/CBOT on globex try about a tenth of that or less for an acceptable fill time. This is on TT.
  5. wow that is fast.