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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by MG6492, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. MG6492


    I been trading remote for the past few years on Sterling and looking to find another prop company that also offers sterling for remote traders as I am comfortable with the platform and starting to learn the api. Looking for a more competitive package at this time. Do not have securities licenses, will cap up. If anyone can recommend any prop company's that offer Sterling I would appreciate it.
  2. MG6492


    So far I have received quotes from

    lion pride trading
    cy group online
    flat iron trading
    first north american

    can anyone give me a recommendation on any of these as I can't seem to find much info on the web about any of these places.

  3. If you're not licensed, how can you trade prop?
  4. 0verbyte


    you can trade prop without licenses if the firm you are trading to is not a member of FINRA (s7, s55, s63) or the PHLX(S7 only).

    As an example, prop firms registered with the chicago exchanges do not need to hold any licenses to trade.

    Sooner or later everyone is going to need to their licenses to trade prop. Probably when FINRA merges or aquires all the other regulatory bodies.
  5. greenti


    MY first post and i'm a new trader.
    I visited Keystone trading in Aug. They use Sterling and have remote traders. good luck MG6492.
  6. MG6492


    I appreciate all the follow up's, I have accepted a deal with one of the places I mentioned and so far so good. They all seemed pretty decent as one was able to give me a better deal then the others.

    Thanks again
  7. mbou15


    Lion -Pride works for me, can't speak about the other's
  8. tommcginnis


    Okay, you've digested your turkey...

    Any updates?

    Anything besides Sterling available?

    Who'd you go with?

    Any installation/set-up issues?
  9. Lion Pride, Flat Iron, where do these names come from? A hair stylist book?
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