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    I´m looking experienced programmer in MQL4, which would be interested about collaboration in creating of trading strategies. I have several strategies that I would needed to programm. I have experiences with creating of trading strategies. I have own indicator and several conservative strategies, which are based on the indicator. I can to provide to programmer two my conservative strategies for EURUSD and the indicator and EA. I can to provide real results of these two strategies from myfxbook account. Addition the programmer would to receive always the strategies for his trading and testing. Let me know if someone would be interesting in collaboration.
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    You might try fiverr.com as well, but good luck hooking up with an individual interested in collaboration. Chances are, these folks will want to be paid straight out. If the code is relatively simple, it won't cost you very much and you should quickly make back the coder's fee using the expert advisor (EA). I found it easier to hire a coder through fiverr than through upwork, but I simply wanted the EAs for back testing. I subsequently discovered that the EA had to be much more nuanced to get the same results I got trading manually, so I'm currently "keeping my eye out" for a workaround that will allow me (or someone I hire) to code a simple EA that still works based on the same principles. I hope you find the right person...
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    Just make sure this doesn't happen. Actually something similar happened to me. Luckily I was watching ... Almost crapped my pants when I saw position size :) Immediately asked my broker to set tight max limits.