looking for programmer for auto trade system

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by cwl18, May 24, 2010.

  1. cwl18


    I am looking for a competent programmer to code an autotrade system for me, the platform of choice is ninja trader (NT7).
    it is an anti-trend , pair trading strategy so I am looking for someone who has experience in handle these type of strategies

    if you are interested, I can sent the full specs to you, then you can give me a quote and approx. time for the implementation
    if you can give me a backgorund of your previous experience in auto-trading programming, that would be very helpful.

    please PM to contact me, thanks

  2. zastro


    Did you try any of the consultants listed on ninjatrader's site?
  3. januson


    I can maybe help you, my initial fee starts around $250.000 depending on the complexity and terms of our future work. I have a wide range of experience in building algorithms and regression tests for trading, modeling and analysis.

    PM me for further details.
  4. NumLock


    you do realize you'll be handing out the edge to traders with money and capability maybe greater than yours

    you are killing your own edge

    the only way is to have 5 separate programmers do a small part and you can put it together yourself

    what you are doing now is incredibly stupid
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  5. The logic of the programming thief is flawed.

    Most programmers don't trade. Just like system vendors, they know you can make more money building and selling your services than actually trading.

    Also, you don't need to reveal your actual trading system to the programmer. Use dummy parameters, etc and just edit the final code yourself. It is easy with scripted platforms like Ninja, eSignal, TradeStation, etc.

    Think of the programming task as building a skeleton framework where you will fill in the blanks.
  6. cwl18


    thanks for your help, of course i am not stupid enough to give out my input parameters, time of trade and market to trade.

    also i will be checking this thread rarely, so the best if you PM me, i will sent you my email and we can discuss this further.


  7. Competing with the Goldmans of the world...
    By contracting "programmers" in this place...
    Is a brilliant strategy.

    Your competitive advantage is a low budget.

    Carry on.
  8. Hi Clayton good stuff posted to keep your ideas safe. Hello, I am looking for an experienced Programmer familiar with both Trade Station and Ninja Trader (Zen Fire). I have a completed (my own Proprietary) fully automatic indicator/program (developed by a programmer) that uses both platforms to analyze buys and sells with Futures Contracts. I need some some final "tweaking" done to finish up including the actual triggering of buying and selling contracts based upon analysis done by the indicator/program that determines the optimal time to buy/sell. As well, I need someone with the expertize to configure the indicator for the buying of contracts to focus on just a Buy market or a Sell market exclusively for the day. The Model searches out what it believes to be opportunities. When we have determined that it is a 'Buy" day or a "sell" day, I want the program to ignore anything else. We have discovered that using certain information from around the world the previous day, we can get a 85 to 90% predictability of what the US stock market is going to do the next day. Please contact me if you have interest and work with both Ninja Trader and Trade Station. Thanks Alex
  9. It just astounds me people can't even get used to the idea of borrowing program code snippets from a help doc or knowledge base to do anything they want to do with Multicharts EasyLanguage.

    Seriously, everyone would be better off coding their strategies into Multicharts. It's just a question of where you get your databases and what your needs are from 3rd party data vendors.