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  1. Remiraz


    Guys, is there any program out there at all that can playback Historial Data? No order entry simulation required, I just need to be able to play back data in minute charts. (1min, 5mins, 30mins etc)

    I used to have one Amibroker plug-in that plays data bar by bar. The problem is on say 30 mins chart it just advance the entire chart by each 30 mins bar instead of actually playing out the intra-bar movement on 1 min too.
  2. Not sure if you have data and you want another program to replay it, or if you are looking for a charting program that will replay its data? If the later, both esignal and ensign have play back features, would love for tradestation to do this as well since that's what I use.

    I also know some guys who use camtasia and record some of their days as along with audio and play that back, I have never tried that.
  3. Neodude


    I believe Ensign does this, but only one symbol at a time, however you can have multiply time frame charts for that symbol.

  4. I don't want to be annoying but QuantDeveloper does this, playing back bars, trades, quotes, market depth, news, fundamentals, corporate events, etc.


  5. Remiraz


    Hold on a minute guys. What I meant is that I already purchased Data some time ago in CSV format. Would these programs like QuantDeveloper allow me to replay them?

    Also, I'm looking for free solutions. Not keen to pay monthly fees just to replay data. :D
  6. ozzy


    This is what I do:

    I go to the day I want to playback and then scroll left with the mouse. It works perfectly. I do this as one of my regular excercises.

  7. Remiraz


    There is a problem with that. If you're view 30 mins bar chart the entire 30 min bar will appear at once. I need to see the intra-bar movement.
  8. Well, you can import text/excel files, you can also capture data from a variety of real time or history providers in QD and then play back... but, well, it's not free, and it's even not cheap :cool:

  9. Remiraz


    Is there a demo or anything I can try out the replay feature for free?
    Any other free or cheaper solutions to recommend?

    I have this stinking feeling that I'll end up learning C++ and writing something on my own. :eek:
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