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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by trade2profit, Aug 9, 2009.

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    Hi, I am an investor and looking for experienced professional traders who can show me a decent track record (no demo accounts).

    Please contact me or send me a PM.
  2. Business scalled up quite fast.
    TraderZones where are you?
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    If you are a successful trader, and have a proven track record that shows consistent profits, please PM me your details + proof of the track record.
  4. pm U first with a statement from ur bank account balance :D
  5. yeah ! exact ! where is the coffer, Pirate !
  6. zdreg


    commercial messages are not allowed. maybe it is a woman looking for a husband.
  7. LOL :D
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    Anyone who is serious about trading and looking for more backing, would not ask such a question.

    It's been pointed out to me that EliteTrader might not be the best place to look for serious business... so anyone interested should reply soon rather than later, otherwise this will probably turn into one of those slanging threads.

    Thank you all for your consideration.
  9. The only problem here was the original poster...
  10. Trth is no one here makes anything. You will see
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