Looking for picture of the Jourdan River, close to the sea of Galilea

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  1. Arggg... I need the picture from the sea of Galiea to the dead sea...
  2. Close to Jericho,


    Jericho is Palestians ? How many Jews still live there today ?
  3. ( Btw I did a search but I can only find pictures of an assieged city, with Obeservation tower, trench and such )...
  4. A Versus :

    The Opportunity of the Dead of the Dead Sea :



    If alive :



    Couretsy of GOOGLE CACHE !
  5. ==============
    Did a YAHOO & GOOG & Bibleplaces.com....search on freshwater fishing in Israel ;
    yes on fishes in Jordan River.

    Not sure why so many[including me,LOL] call Sea of Galilee a sea;
    unlesss its because of its size & the size of its deadly storms. I do remember a written storm discription on an inland Israeli lake of ''hurricane'' size..........:cool:
    M- t- turtle