Looking for people to start currency club

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Pumpanddump, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. Anyone interested in starting a currency trading group/think tank and have regular meeting etc. If so, PM me here and I'll talk to Andre about it. Currencies are an unreal market to make money in.

    I've focused a lot of my attention away from equities and into the currency market as of late.

    Send me a note people.
  2. To clarify, I'm talking about meeting only on the net, not in person and not an official investment group, but a group to share ideas with each other.

  3. Of course I would be interested, but I'm afraid I would be merely a "parasite" in such a group. On the other hand, maybe we could use my ideas as contrarian indicators. It seems like whenever I place a (simulated) forex trade, it pulls back just enough to take out my stop.
  4. there are forums all over the net for forex discussions of strategy. I personally find them all completely worthless for actually improving my bottom line. For example now, the forex markets are so skittish that what is normally a golden trend which would last for at least 24 hours, is a stop loss run in both directions for 150 pips. You can't trade for more than 30 pips at a time lately without doinng much better than breaking even! These are trying times...

    But even with these forums, there is always room for something a little less commercial. In fact, an mirc chat room would be great. I think one was set up on financialchat.net a few months ago but no one uses it.
  5. BigGun


    Please elaborate on what you mean by club?:confused:
  6. I am currently doing my Masters studies, while at the same time helping out a stats arb. We dabble in Forex and distressed bonds, some bullish floaters as well.

    This is a great idea. Keep me posted :)

    -- Fish
  7. Do any of you live in the NY area???

    Anyway, I mean club by an unofficialclub where we could share ideas and exchange contacts etc.

    Maybe even eventualy trader together and discuss tread trades etc.

    Forex is tricky and it always helps to have more than one mind workign as you watch the pips change.
  8. Ha ha ha...

    So you get a bunch of bad traders and trading the currency...

    LOL... sure... 50 stupid traders make hellava club...
  9. Jealousing hurts doesn't it.

    I'll remember to keep you off the list.

    Bad traders start with no vision and desire, I guess you qualify in that context.

    Dude, stay cooped up in your remote trading site and have fun playing with yourself as I try to gain knowledge through interaction with other traders. Once you think you know everything, you've lost everything.

    Dude, you're a loser. The only people who are jealous are people who have inSECURITIES about their own actions. I'd hate to see you p/l. Oh, and spare a response of trying to impress me with your BS. I've seen enough. People never get anywhere by bashing others visions and ideas, they only stay idle in their own world!!!
    You will never be a leader with that attitude.

    Good luck dude!!! LOL
  10. I actually agree... I'm a complete loser... I work at McDonald, frying French Fries... I hope to be cooking beef patties in a year...

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