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Discussion in 'Forex' started by teaze, May 11, 2011.

  1. teaze


    Hey guys:

    I am training full-time to become a prop trader via a competition.

    I day trade Euro with future contract.

    I just started a blog to record part of my daily observations.

    I also have my trading video available for critique.

    I am looking for traders of any level to bounce some ideas off each other as long as you love the game.

    Would any peer trader cares to give me some input?

    My blog: http://traderteaze.blogspot.com/

    Or maybe you can give me some other sites where I could find more mentors or peers.

  2. Roark


    Are you making money or losing money? If you're making money, you're virtually without peer on ET. If you're losing money, how much do you lose on average per week? This information is necessary to match you with losers that are approximately on the same level as you for peer review.
  3. teaze


    mmm. Good question.

    As a trainee, I lose more often on a daily basis.

    But I have only kept 2 weeks worth of record so far:

    Row Labels Sum of Net P&L
    4/26/2011 287.5
    4/27/2011 295
    4/28/2011 277.5
    4/29/2011 465
    5/2/2011 -625
    5/3/2011 -1105
    5/4/2011 -300
    5/5/2011 255
    5/6/2011 807.5
    5/9/2011 -152.5
    5/10/2011 -797.5
    Grand Total -592.5

    weekly: 4/26-29 +1325
    5/2-6 -967.5
    5/9-10 -950

    Thanks Roark
  4. Hey teaze,

    Im not so sure training via competition is the best route for learning to trade. Competition trading points out the worst factors of trading and them places rewards on them training you for almost the opposite of the psychological process you have to follow to become a consistent trader. I would like to see your video so I can discuss it with you

  5. Roark is correct, as a matter of fact I am the best trader here!


  6. teaze


    I agree. This is only the beginning of my career. I don't expect to be consistently profitable until 1.5-3 yrs later. Training for a competition is just something that gets me started.

    As of now, as you pointed out correctly, focusing on profitability will do more harm than good. Therefore, I am focusing more on my execution, risk management, exit. Later on, I plan to build on them gradually.

    I could upload my video on blog if you care to watch and critique.

    Thanks a lot for your input. You obviously know what a beginning trader has to concentrate on :)
  7. teaze


    I am not sure what does the "best trader here" mean. But I am willing to hear your critique if you care to.

  8. teaze,

    I suggest you post some of your trades right here in ET, instead of taking our readers away to your blog.

    I give new meaning to the thought "the Biggest Loser" He He


  9. You plan on losing money for 1.5 to 3 years? Why don't you do something productive and get a college degree or MBA if you already have that, probably less expensive and you come out of it with knowledge and a skill set that would make you valuable. As opposed to losing money for 1.5 to 3 years, having no usable skill set and a losing attitude.

  10. teaze


    He he, i think i am speaking to the wrong crowd here. Thanks for the heads up and info
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