Looking for Peak Traders???

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  1. I'm looking for anyone who has used or is using peak trader pro..I like to know how there doing on the software..Thanks for your time and your imput
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    I watched them for a few days but they are not calling out trades so there is no way of telling how they're doing.

    It seems to be more of an instructional session to teach the Jack Hershey way of trading. The software seems to be well suited to what they are doing.
  3. I like it just need more time on the system to catch more signals. So far it looks good...Thanks for your time
  4. This smells like spam.

    If not, let me save you the trouble...

    Hershey trading is garbage, its equivalent to astrology.
  5. I guess u haven't heard or maybe not trading alive account, but living in lala land isn't going to help support your family. Need to believe in something greater than yourself one ticking your self to death...Have a nice spam because toinght its steak for me have a good day
  6. Let me give you a 'peak' into the Jack Hershey methodology.


    Hows that for a jokari window

    Also, notice the angles and slopes, and dont forget to fan if neptune doesn't align with venus. If pluto doesn't confirm the suns movement then look for earth to reverse course.

    Just make sure you're always on the 'right' side of the universe. :cool:
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    That's what happens when you use a microscope to look for a forest.
  8. ROFL. Thanks for the laugh
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    This is the Jokari window you have been using ????
    No wonder you had problem applying the method.

    ... and you are blaming the teacher.
  10. Time to reverse.

    LMFAO. :D
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