Looking for PDF of Sniper Trader

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ozzy, Jul 15, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    I'm looking for some material on Taylor. I have the Taylor Technique book but the quality of the PDF is low and the material is poorly written. I have a vast library of books and would be more than happy to trade.

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    I have a copy of it. I'm just not happy with it. There should be something more recent with a better presentation.
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    Hi Easy,

    Yes I'm interested in the method. I have that one. I was looking for a more recent book with better presentation. I was hoping to find "Sniper Trader" By George Angell he covers the topic in this book.


    edit: I glanced over the book. I think you have to read it a few times. His delivery of the material is poor in my opinion.
  4. LBR tried to simplify it a bit and the way she intreprets it Ive found useful. I pay a lot of attention to the action around yesterdays hi and lo but so does everybody else.:)
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    I had some LBR material on Taylor. But It got lost in my trading vault (i have too much stuff). Would you happen to have any LBR material?

  6. Ive got a lot of it but its all in binders. I stored the daily logs from her chat room for months. If you havent already read them theres articles on her site, lbrgroup,com. Her article on swing trading gets into Taylor a bit and theres an updated version on trade2win site under articles. Sorry I dont have anything on the computer. I do have a bunch of transcripts of some of her her classes on a cd but it would be a bit large to send anywhere.
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    cool thnx.