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  1. Dear fellow traders,

    I have a very good swing trading system.

    I am looking for partners, who can do everything (network marketing, affiliate marketing, online advertising…) to startup a managed account and signals service.

    Happy trading
  2. truetype


    Are you currently CTA registered with the NFA?
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  3. RedDuke


    Where do you post your performance?
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  4. Hi truetype,

    I'm not jet CTA registered with the NFA. I don't have any license or certificate. Maybe my partner have.

    Thank you for your question.
  5. Hello RedDuke,

    Please see my Profile Page for more info.

    Thank you for your interest.
  6. Something always smells fishy, (when people/traders ask for partners or money)

    If you are truly good...you can grow, and compound, your own trading acct to the top of the World Trade Center, o_O

    That's the great thing about trading...you can do it all by your own little lonesome,
    It's not like a traditional business where you have various arms, or branches, of people to manage,
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  7. Hi lawrence-lugar,

    Thank you for your comment. I respect your point of view.

    Have a nice weekend!
  8. themickey


    I tend to disagree one can do it all on your lonesome as being the best scenario.
    I've attempted the threesome sort of thing but it didn't work out. Problem is everyone thinks they want control, next thing you know is people are doing their own thing and the system collapses.

    My perfect trading world would be have as a minimum 2 other partners, a threesome all told.
    A trader (trigger puller), A system designer (brain #1), A computer whiz (brain #2), but possibly a 4th person - admin, taxation, make the coffee, run the chores odd jobs person.

    Easier said than done as I have attempted trading with partners and it didnt work out. There is a big temptation for people to want to do their own thing.
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  9. qxr1011


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  10. RedDuke


    Basically, you doubled $ in 3 month span of highly leveraged small (5K) forex account.

    No one remotely serious will touch this.

    If you not a fraudster, switch with CME currency futures, register and start posting performance on autumn gold and/or Barkley Hedge. If you can perform like that "even" at 25% capacity, you will quickly have all $ you need to manage.
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