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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dbs, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. dbs


    Looking for partner to open Trading group in NYC.
  2. Stocks or Futures?
  3. what exactly do you mean by trading ''group'' ?
  4. dbs


    Proprietary trading stocks
  5. duh (freshtrader504/quicktrader ) Mr. "I want to sell my 9/11 beer cans on ebay" dumbfuck..... Its a group of traders who work together to make money. They could use a toilot paper boy like yourself to wipe their asses
  7. you would know about that....... a group of guys circle jerking and trading !!! what a fag !!!! make your own damn money without your boyfriend by your side loser !!!

    by the way, my friend is putting those beers on ebay in a few weeks, i'll let you know when, so you can go check them out and whine about how much money he's getting for them !!!!!

    p.s. (minimum bid $500,000)