Looking for options prop. 35k deposit

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by volatilitypimp, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a firm in the Chicago area that will give me competitive commissions, full payout,etc.

    I trade roughly 20k options monthly. Please reply or leave me pm.

  2. I presume it's the haircut you're interested in?
  3. Yes, haircut ideally.
  4. mktmkr


    Looking for same in ny/nj/pa area
    That's a lot of contracts, do you do a lot of in and out or do you put up
    size and mantain positions?
  5. Mostly in and out, and if I'm holding any type of large size I'll try and dump some of it before the close if it adds any type of edge to existing positions.
  6. I will be following this thread- I also am looking for an options prop account with a similar deposit.

    I am trading lesser total contracts in a month, mainly holding for a longer duration....

    Looking forward to hearing the different account agreements for our situation.

  7. Interested in a shave with that haircut?
  8. bump
  9. VTrader Group is one choice.
    I think Maverick(ET member) operates the Chicago office.
  10. mktmkr


    Uptik. Do trade thru vtrader. Do you know if they take customer accts, not licensed
    #10     Dec 30, 2008