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  1. i am an experienced forex trader getting into options for longer term trades . I know about 40% of how to trade options . Looking for 1 hour training once a week for a few weeks will pay $100 through Skype . Will give a subject to cover no research needed on your side just answer some question and discuss strategy . Only experienced option traders . pm me for more details
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    google it . there are plenty out there.
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    Buy me a drink and ask away - I'll do it for free out of sheer boredom :)
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    Just post your questions here. We'll all answer them for free. Why deal with shysters privately.
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  5. My turning point in forex was one on one lessons . video and question just teach you the parts of option . Putting it all together in a plan i dont think you can learn form a video . Either over time by making mistakes or with the help of some one that has been through it to shorten the learning curve . let the critics talk now
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    Come on. You're bloviating. We can post videos, do one on one stuff, whatever. And more importantly there is a built in check and balance here with other members jumping in and playing devils advocate. Stop making excuses and start with you first question. If you hate the responses you get, try your approach.
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    My offer of a chat for a drink still stands. Unless you think i don't know enough about options.
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    I had to look it up.
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    I am seeing both sides of this (private-for-compensation; public-with-'debate'-lens), and so, will stand on the fence ("Ow!") on that one.

    But the statement that "I know about 40% of how to trade options..." cues up for me, a need to respond that, there is an entire *industry* out there -- "Infomercials", Youtube, websites galore -- geared up to tell you how "to trade" options.

    But it ain't IN the trading. It's in position management. And better, it's in *capital* management. It is NOT in the trade.

    Think of it as real estate: certainly, the buying or selling -- the *transaction* of real estate -- can make you money or lose it. But MUCH more important, is what you DO with the real estate while you have title. Fix it up? Let it degrade? Did you buy in the right neighborhood? Is the property well- or ill-suited to your imagined "highest and best use"? The transaction ain't shit.

    Maybe it was just the OP's word choice, but I would highly encourage ... anyone[!] to take the perspective of a capital owner looking to deploy their capital in a way that balances exposed risk with sought reward, and measures that, each and every day. Trades/trading are but the signing of papers or the clicking of a mouse. The important stuff is the management of the capital.

    {"And with that, he steppeth down from hith higheth horth.")
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    Yeah bud, I think we get that. I suspect the OP was trolling.
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