Looking for opinions on moving to Multicharts.NET from Ninja for auto trading

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by bluelou, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Has anyone here used both Multicharts.NET and NinjaTrader for automated trading? I'm considering switching from NT to Multicharts.NET and I'd like to know the user experience has been with those making the switch.

    Or, if you've just used Multicharts.NET for automated trading and have something worthwhile to say I'd like to hear it.

    [BTW, if there are similar threads out there I couldn't find them so pls include any links if they exist.]

  2. I trade for clients and Ive used both platforms.

    Multicharts is more robust, less bugs, and more stable than Ninja, especially for autotrading.
  3. bluelou


    Are you using the .NET version of Multicharts and trading 100% systematically? Could you provide a specific example of a superior feature that improved your results with Multicharts that was lacking in NT? Is there anything at all from NT that you wish you had in Multicharts?

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  4. All I can say is with Ninja I had a few data issue(incidences) in relation to proper entry and exit executions when using an intraday sup&resist 12min/4min auto scalping strategy.

    I programed the same scalping strategy on multicharts and it has run flawlessly...and continues to do so.

    I use the NET version and approx 80-85% of my trades are auto..

    ** A friend of mine who used to trade for a hedge fund for 6yrs here in Miami and now works from home as a CTA(manages over $12million) also uses Multicharts, 90% of his trades are auto. I don't know if his version is NET or not...
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    How is the Multicharts.Net order management (OMS)?

    In NT, I get plenty of erroneous records where the recorded trades don't match up with the actual events or NT can't match up the strategy entries and exits. It would be manageable if I could go into NT and edit their incorrect data but NT doesn't allow this.

    Does Multicharts.net allow you to go in and edit completed trades if it's been recorded incorrectly?

    Also, I'd like to be able to generate a daily P&L based on open trade equity (OTE) both for actual completed trades and backtests. NT only allows this for completed trades. Does multicharts.net support OTE reporting?
  6. I haven't had any erroneous trading records generated with Multicharts, so I honestly wouldnt know if you can modify them after the fact or not.

    Pertaining to OTE reporting, I don't look at that so your best bet is to contact them in the morning and they usually respond with an hour

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    I'll contact them directly as you've suggested. I might reach out to you again at some point.

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  8. This thread is way too old and I am in the exact scenario bet Ninja and MC
    but I am giving up Ninja, but to use both.

    southbeach - have you used their Portfolio Trader for multiple symbols trading from 1 screen ?