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  1. I'm looking for something that gives me a private room, somewhere in Manhattan, any area. It's just for one person, and i need a phone line for my telemarketer. I would like something that is in a nice office and a nice envirnment, i would appriciate anyone letting me know if they know anything.
  2. no one knows of any available office space in NYC?
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    There are a number of executive suites that let you rent an office by the month. Try www.hq.com, and you can just google "executive suites nyc" to see what comes up.

    I looked into this some time ago and I can tell you they're not cheap. Prices for individual offices ranged from $1200 a month for an office with no view on up. Exterior office -- not even a large office -- with a nice view on Park Ave was $3500 a month at HQ. They give you a great office environment with secretary service, phone answering, nice office space essentially identical to a top level law firm, and full support services for things like copying, printing, faxing, dictation, etc. You pay extra for just about everything -- phone lines, T-1 line, furniture, etc.

    Wall Street area is cheaper than midtown, and Jersey City is cheaper still. I think Jersey City had exterior offices available with nice view for $1000 a month.
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  5. We have office space throughout the East Coast and major cities around the US. PM me if you want more information.

    Thank you
  6. Try Craigslist. A couple friends of mine who just started a fund found a great deal on CL.