Looking for NYSE downloadable stock symbol list

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aisone, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Aisone


    Where can I get a current list for all their stocks? I couldn't find anything on their site except an individual symbol lookup.
  2. Look for the list of Hybird activation list, it's in PDF and XSL, essentialy the list is now full ie all NYSE stock are on the list.


  3. Aisone


    Just what I was looking for, thank you.
  4. fissure


    Hi, nice list, thanks. Do you have one that includes average volume averaged over a period of at least 2 months? I've been going through each symbol manually looking up the avg volume and recording it in a column but thats going to take forever for 3600 stocks.
  5. try using the screener in yahoo finance... put the descriptors exchange=nyse and download the file.... it'll give you a nice csv with plenty of info...
  6. fissure


    Thanks, that's an interesting tool. I entered in teh criteria as you suggested and it curiously comes back with about ~2500 results, as opposed to the .xls in this thread with ~3600 results. Regardless, the yahoo screener's avg. volume is only averaged over the last 10 trading days, which is something but that's a bit too short of a timeframe for me for the average.
  7. You obviously messed up on the search criteria/syntax. This kind of screening is easily done in worden bros. telechart2007 in 30 sec.
    I get about 900 NYSE stocks with 20 day avg vol of 500K or higher.

  8. fissure


    I didn't mess up the search criteria, that yahoo screener doesn't have an option to change the timeframe for the average volume. Did you actually go in and try it before saying I obviously messed it up?

    I'll check out the worden though.
  9. If you tell me the volume criteria to screen for I'll send you the excel file.

  10. Criteria here is NYSE with 500K average volume AND MINIMUM of 200K shares volume in last 20 days.
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