Looking for news provider....

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by forforex, Oct 5, 2006.

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    I am mainly interested in real time:

    Dowjones, BusinessWire, PR Newswire, MarketWire, Reuters and other news with fast search by ticker function.

  2. forforex


    69 views and no one knows where can I get real time DJ + company press releases?
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    They have a free trial for a week. They appear to be really good. Although I can't justify the price right now. They charge approximately $130/month.
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    Are those streaming news in MIRC DJ and BW PR and primezone, marketwire?

    Other news 95% of the time will be worthless

  5. Per their claim:

    -FCS- This forum is dedicated to disseminating news in real time as it hits from several differnet sources, including 4· Reuters Business News · Reuters Securities · AP Financial · Business Wire · PR Newswire · PrimeZone · CCN Newswire · Canada NewsWire · BCE Emergis · Internet Wire · BusinessWeek Online · Forbes.com · Morningstar.com · SmartMoney.com · TheStreet.com
    -FCS- 12The bot grabs headlines from these sources and posts them as soon as they hit. 4DOUBLE CLICK12 the URL after the headline for the 4FULL STORY

    Good enough?
  6. I actually was going to sign up for their news/squawk service until I found out I wouldn't be able to cancel my subscription online. And then I did some search about them on ET and it seems some people got welshed by them pretty good. I've never used the service and I'm sure a lot of people are happy with them but given what I know and heard I wouldn't use it.