Looking for News dissiminated as Data.

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  1. sspikey


    Does anyone have any leads to a good quality low latency feed that posts news in a DATA format?

    I have had a hard time locating things of the sort.
  2. Dow J has a product in this space. covers most major markets and instruments.
  3. dow j's elementized news feed is very robust, but it's expensive as hell.

    the other service I quoted above is more reasonable for those on a budget. I know a guy who has traded purely on news for 15 years and many of his strategies are automated, that is the service he uses.
  4. byteme


    I'm going to check out the trial.

    Do you have any indicative pricing for the news trade product offered by them?

    You can also add some news feeds to the DTN.IQ feed product:

  5. it's very dependent on volume....

    if you're talking for a single trader, you can get the 4 major feeds for around $200/month or less I believe.

    the sales guys are super nice and flexiable. just tell them what you need.
  6. Any others?
  7. If you want to spend big bucks try Reuters.
  8. I am wanting the opposite of spending big bucks.
  9. byteme


    Came across a non-commercial API from Reuters, released last year:


    However, for commercial purposes it is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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