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  1. Hi there as its friday and i have the weekend to do some research I thought I would ask the posters on ET what are there preferred software, trading platform and broker combo.

    My situation currently i use open e cry as my platform and broker combined with esignal for charting which is good as I trade the eminis and looking to expand into the grains currenices. I just wondering if anyone has anything they used that they thought was very superior to what I currenly have. Cheers in advance

    Price is less important than quality.

  2. I use IB, Esignal for data, Ensign for charting and Ninja Trader for order management/automation.

    I'm pretty happy with the combo but if anyone has any recommendations or comments I'd be curious to hear them.
  3. thanks for the reply bit domt you find all the different 3rd parties a bit of a hassel?

  4. Anyone out there?

  5. Good combination of price and quality

    IB TWS (for its api)
    SierraChart (flexible and programmable)
    ZeroLine Trader (cheap but more flexible than bracket trader, not as powerful as Button Trader though)
  6. Kiwi,

    Cheers for that I was leaning towards IB but I thought to add on Ninja but will look at Zeroline and Sierra as have heard good things about them

  7. I have not used Ninja but I am using Buttontrader with IB and I like it so much that I always reccommend it to people inquiring about software. The thing that I like so much about it is the ease with which you can make adjustments to your strategy once you are in the trade.
  8. IB
    esignal for data and charting
  9. Sponger


    What is the monthly cost of Buttontrader?
  10. Hey Bear, does button trader have a static dome? Have you ever tried NT? I really like NT but it isn't very flexible once you have entered a trade. Unable to apply a different predefined strategy etc.
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