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  1. We are looking for new automated systems to code and fund. Any ideas?
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    man it just never ends does it

    if I had a cent for every time people ASK TO BE GIVEN golden goose

    well I wouldn't trade :p
  3. Send me $100,000 and I will send you...
  4. yea what about a automated joe dinapoli method, thats shouldnt be very hard.
  5. Can I just save both of us time and send you straight cash instead?
  6. I am just posing a question, and have a legitimate reason for doing so. As far as the 100k comment, if you would like me to do so, send me an audited track record, (audit preferrably from a big 4 accounting firm) and I will gladly pose real business opportunities and not waste your time.
  7. It would help if you appeared to have a grasp of system trading. But you come across as a neophyte.

    Almost all "automated" systems will fail you. There has been attempts to track them, and they invariably fail over the years.

    And almost anyone can make a successful system with a nice equity curve. But what is its Sharpe, profit factor and other metrics? Most systems that DO have a nice equity curve, do so through loads of clever and hidden trickery. Audited? The Big 4? Sheesh - you cannot look at buying the product of someone else's trading like you examine the last few years tax returns and balance sheets of a business. You are comparing apples and Hummers.

    Do you know what backtesting is? It is the attempt of vendors to make a system that looks good in the past, and that almost never works goind forward. THat is the most likely thing people will rpesent you.

    Putting yourself out here with this request, is asking to be taken advantage of.

    Your best hope is finding successful trader(s) who have any interest in working with someone else for $$$ and monitoring them yourself. But you are most likely to find the 95-90% who will take your money and give you little in return.

    If you want to discuss this further , PM me.
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    Find some automated systems trading contests (such as http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showt...rpage=6&highlight=ea and contest&pagenumber=1 ) and make job offers to the top 25 finishers. Of the 25, one or two will be interested in the job, and geographically convenient, and will pass your initial smell-test.

    Pay them a salary and have them develop four or five automated trading systems for you. Hand these over to your research department for re-implementation, fine tuning, and testing. Done.

    Here's a second idea. Be an Early Adopter of Futures Truth's forex testing results. Since Futures Truth mostly specializes in futures trading systems, very few forex traders bother to look there. Therefore it may contain some undiscovered gold. Use google to find Futures Truth's website, then buy an issue of their test reports for $30, then contact the vendors of ALL the forex trading systems. (there's less than a page of them). Not all of them will sell you their rules but some will. Hand those over to your research department for re-implementation, fine tuning, and testing.
  9. one of the more naive posts of the day.
  10. :( A new system is NOT what you need...trust me...what you need is a new way of thinking that has always been there
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