Looking for motivated partners(traders/ITs) in Chicago

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mizhael, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    If you are like me who had been riding the ups and downs in the capital markets for a long while and who are crazily obsessed in trading, lets chat...

    My full time job is quant trading professionally at a big fund. My hobby is still trading.


    As anybody who had been in finance career knows, in professional trading, you have your mandates and you are not allowed to trade anything you like. For example, I cannot trade ETFs at my current job; like a little boy who always has intellectual curiosity, I explore ETFs trading at home.

    I am looking for someone who's also motivated and who's also fanatic about trading... and in Chicago.

    More specifically, I am thinking of building an automatic trading system (ATS) based on existing open source platforms. I have been looking into good open source trading systems with 3 things in mind:

    1. good architechre
    2. good performance
    3. support IB

    Since I have lots of experiences in trading and quant trading...it would be ideal if I could find good IT expert - we can collaborate in building the above mentioned ATS system... I have lots of strategies and we can start making money in our personal trading account very soon!

    Anybody is interested?

    Thank you!